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Apple AirPods Max

The new AirPods Max sound incredible but are very expensive, I personally am not a big fan of Over-ear headphones, but this might be an exception. AirPods Max has high-fidelity audio, Active noise cancellation and transparency mode, and Spatial Audio, Spatial audio provides a theater-like sound experience, it uses sensors on your iPhone or iPad, so when you turn, it sounds like you are hearing the sound from the device to provide a more natural experience. AirPods have been considered one of the best audio devices, And I believe these are not an exception. AirPods Max is more comfortable compared to some of the other Over-ear headphones due to the very comfortable headband. The AirPods Max has a stainless steel frame and Telescoping arms which extend in such a way that makes it cormfortable to different shapes of heads. The ear cushions have a mesh textile design which makes them really soft. The AirPods max provides great noise cancellation and has a great volume level. The AirPods Max like the Apple Watch has a digital crown that lets you control volume skip between tracks, answer phone calls, and activate Siri and a Noise control button that helps you switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode. The AirPods Max is available in five beautiful colours, Space Grey, Silver, Green, Sky Blue, and Pink, I am a big fan of Space grey. The AirPods Max uses a total of six outward-facing microphones and two inward-facing microphones, it has a total of nine microphones. The AirPods Max has an Apple-designed dynamic driver, which helps it to provide exceptional sound. AirPods Max connects easily to your iPhone and iPad, All you need to do is bring the AirPods close to the device. AirPods Max has On-head detection which pauses the audio when you take the AirPods off. And with Siri Always on, you can do most things without using your hands. The AirPods Max comes with a slim and light Smart Case, in which when you store AirPods it enters an ultra-low-power state and preserves its energy. The AirPods Max has great battery life, it has 20 hours of listening time, A 5-minute charge provides 1 hour 30 minutes of battery life. It has an Apple H1 headphone chip in each ear cup. The AirPods Max has BlueTooth 5.0 technology. In the box, you get the AirPods Max, Smart case, USB-C to lightning cable, and documentation.

Check out AirPods Max on Apple's official site(click here).

Price of AirPods Max - Rs. 59,900

~Ruhan Narula (Founder).

AirPods Max

Silver colour

Space Grey colour

Sky Blue colour

Pink colour

Green colour

Telescoping arms

Ear cushion

Digital crown

Smart Case

AirPods' dimensions

Smart case dimensions

Apple-designed dynamic driver

Spatial audio

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