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Asus Zenbook Duo - UX481FL

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The Asus Zenbook Duo is a powerful, light laptop and has two screens. It uses Windows 10. I am always looking for better multitasking devices. I must say that Asus has done a great job. This laptop comes with a laptop sleeve and a stylus in the box. The second screen is a touch screen and can be used with the stylus. The primary screen is a 14-inch display and the secondary screen is a 12.6-inch display. In order to fit the second screen in the laptop, Asus repositioned the keyboard and trackpad. Now the second screen is located in place of the keyboard, the keyboard has been moved to where the trackpad used to be and the trackpad is now on the right of the keyboard. Asus claims that the laptop has 22 hours of battery life without the secondary display and 16 hours with the secondary display. This laptop is available with intel core i5 or intel core i7 processor. The price is starting from Rs.90,990. The storage can be upgraded till 1TB and the RAM can be upgraded to 16GB. The laptop weighs about 1.5kg. This laptop can be used for light gaming. It has a Harmon-Kardon speaker system and military-grade protection. It is only available in one colour, Celestial Blue. The laptop elevates a soon as you open it, which provides better sound quality and more cooling. The secondary display might be a little uncomfortable for some people as they will have to look down in order to look at it. So Asus has included a stand which sticks to the bottom of the laptop (available in the box). So I totally recommend this laptop to almost everyone as you get so much at such a reasonable price.

~Ruhan Narula (founder).

Check out the laptop on Asus' official website.

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