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HomePod mini

The HomePod mini is a great smart home device for iPhone users. It has great sound, A great assistant and is available at a great price. The HomePod mini delivers remarkable sound, given its size. It delivers 360-degree audio. The HomePod mini has an Apple-designed full-range, which delivers deep bass and high frequencies. The Apple S5 chip enables computational due to which the HomePod mini delivers fine-tuned sound at any volume. The HomePod mini has four-microphones, which work together to listen to the words "Hey Siri" in the loudest environments. The HomePod mini is a small device designed to fit in the smallest of spaces, it has a backlit touch surface on its top from which you can control various things. You can even connect multiple HomePod minis and play one song everywhere, you can even use it as an intercom. HomePod mini works great with almost all Apple devices, you can pick up a call from your iPhone, use it as a Bluetooth speaker for your Mac or connect your Apple TV to it for clearer audio. While listening to something on your iPhone, you can shift the audio to the HomePod mini by just closing your iPhone close to it, and more importantly, Siri too is a really intelligent assistant. It plays music and your favourite playlists from Apple music, listen to podcasts, check your reminders or add new reminders or mark a reminder as done, Locate all your Apple devices using Find My, get local information through Maps and control all your smart home devices, message people and make or take phone calls. The HomePod mini has 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The HomePod mini is available in two great colours, Space Grey and White. In the Box you get, The HomePod mini, 20W power adapter, and some documentation.

Price of HomePod mini - Rs.9,900

Check out the HomePod mini on Apple's official site(click here).

~Ruhan Narula (Founder).

HomePod mini

Backlit touch surface


All colours

Shift audio from your iPhone


Home app on iPhone


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