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The 2020 27-inch iMac

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The new iMac is a great upgrade since the last iMac, first of all, people have been appreciating that all-in-one factor of the iMac and so do I, Although I have never owned an iMac, I have tried it plus I have heard pretty great reviews about it. The iMac has everything that a person needs and more. The slim design of the iMac looks really clean and tidy. Apple has improved the webcam, the microphone and they have made the screen Anti-glare. It has the 10th generation Intel Processors AMD Radeon 5000 series. You can get it upgraded to 32GB RAM. It has a little door at the back which helps you replace the RAM. The iMac can be upgraded up to 8TB of storage/ROM. It is available in a Solid-state drive, You can still find a 1TB fusion drive. It uses studio-quality microphones, there is one additional microphone at the back of the iMac. Apple has also improved the speakers at the bottom of the iMac. So, there is now a dedicated audio controller on the T2 chip of the iMac. The feature that I was most excited about was the new nano-texture matte glass, which the iMac has. It dramatically reduces glare and was also available in the last year's Pro display XDR, it massively cuts down the reflection and now you can use the iMac with a room with windows or other things that might cause reflection. But at the end of the day, I only recommend it to people who have a lot of work on their devices and don't require a portable product.

~Ruhan Narula (Founder).

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